Jason and Joanna May

I am Joanna May.

This is my blog. It’s a little hard to categorize. It includes my musings about faith, family, tradition, modern motherhood, music and technology.

Often, I also aggregate content from other people that I enjoy: sermons, notes, quotes, articles, and music.

I’m a wife and a mother to 3 young boys, including identical twins. My husband Jason is a former Christian rap artist and dancer.

The Technologist

I currently work in an advertising agency as a web developer as well as a freelance technology consultant. I have worked in marketing and technology for over 14 years in every imaginable capacity: as web & app developer, technical director, marketing coordinator, content creator, photographer, graphic designer, SEO expert, and analytics guru.


In February 2011, I released my first album, Here’s My Cup. It’s available from iTunes, Amazon and streaming on Spotify.  Many live music recordings of my music are also available for free download in the Music section. Most of these recordings are from the International House of Prayer.

The Disclaimer

Whether it’s music, sermons, blogs, articles or downloadable material, family topics, emerging technologies or stock tips, I’ve included it on this site because I like it. My thoughts and musings are my own, and as such do not represent any company, organization, or any other individual aside from myself.