Seeing Double

18 Sep 2012 in Twins
Just a quick update to let you know about our news, and part of the reason I've been so quite on the blog. We found out a couple months ago that we're expecting a baby, which ushered in weeks of the worst nausea/vomiting combo I've ever experienced (and yes, I'm counting that "Montezuma's Revenge" missions experience) where I didn't leave the house, or the couch for much of anything. We were very excited, but what a busy time for us! My husband Jason and I are both working full-time in downtown Kansas City, and he's going to school for computer programming full-time as well.

Well imagine our surprise when a routine visit to the doctor turned up not just one, but two heartbeats. After "rushing" to an ultrasound, it was confirmed. We are having twins due the end of February. We GREATLY appreciate your prayers for us, and we're both still a little overwhelmed. (read MAJORLY overwhelmed). I'm still battling the sickiness, although it's eased up a bit, and trying to continue working full-time. So far, the babies look great. We don't know yet if they're boys or girls or both, but I'll write a post when we know more.

Thank you web family for your prayers and support, and I'll do my best not to become a mom-blog ;)


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Great! Good news!

wow that's good news! I still follow your blog, from time to time opnening to see if you posted something after such a long silence... God bless you!

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